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The Official Web-Site of the Purple Cow Classic Golf Tournament

It's over...once again. As quickly as it came up on us...it was even quicker in passing us by...

The 2003 PCC goes to Team Choi/Rodriguez. Congrats!!!
As we expected, the heat and humidity was oppressive...but the golf was fun and seeing friends was even better.

The tournament was all tied through Wednesday, with each match, on nearly every day, coming down to the 18th hole. That makes for good T.V....but alas, the final score was Choi/Rodriguez at 7 1/2 and Lee/Lesser at 3 1/2.

I've seen some strange things on this trip....
I've seen a dog that can solve problems and run around fences...I've seen balls bounce toward a cliff and hit a 2 inch pipe railing and stay in-bounds...TWICE...I've seen balls go over cliffs, and bounce back onto the green...I've seen people putt from 140 yards away...and then someone putt from 170 yards away...I've seen what a Texas prison bathroom is like (don't ask)...I've seen people miss putts from less than 3 feet, over and over and over (Phil and Tom, I understand your pain)...I've seen that no matter how much bar-b-que you order, you always want more meat...I've seen what happens to a new SUV when 4 men leave food, garbage, sweaty golf shoes, etc. in the Texas sun for a week...I've seen what happens when a dog is left in its crate for 8+ hours and can't use the bathroom...I've seen what happens when people do shots of warm bourbon for every par-3 that's missed...I've seen "David" (possibly the receptionist) at the USGA make a live ruling over the phone for the PCC (seriously)...I've seen heat and sun so oppressive that scalps were peeling...I've seen balls hang on waterfall ledges...I've seen some players show up for the tournament, have the nerve to NOT bring the trophy, and then be right in not doing so...I've seen people hitting perfect 5-woods in the wrong direction, straight OB and into the woods while the flag was in plain sight...I've seen people spit up on golf carts, while others are dry-heaving at 4AM...I've seen women in really scary, violently "clonking" shoes...I've seen mid-30's men sore and dying, trying to play 36-holes a day, pretending that they are still in their mid-20's...and I've even seen some people shooting their personal bests...

The list of memories goes on and on

Most importantly, I've seen 4 guys get together, have fun, and catch up...

As Martha would say from her prison cell, "It's a good thing."
"Oh....and what is this on the prison bathroom floor?"

Send the PCC Committee and email!!
The PCC Trophy....
It was not meant to be and the trophy remains a hostage with the other team....

I'm out of server space so I'll have to get rid of some pictures before I can post more
Send me some digital pic's if you want them on the site...